Impressions of the LJ app

I am writing this on my iPod, using the free Livejournal app. While posting seems to be perfectly accessible with Voiceover, other areas of the app are rather lacking.

While I'm happy to say that I can use it to add friends (see previous post), I can only do it if I know the username in question. I can't look through my wife's friends and add people from there, it simply doesn't read. I can't even view my own friends without going into where I can add or edit friends.

You're also meant to be able to read journals with it, but this doesn't read either - I can't even read my own. This is most unfortunate as this is probably what I would have mostly used it for.

This is all a bit disappointing. Since typing on touch screen devices is quite tedious, I hadn't planned to use the app much for posting. The app has a great set of other features, most of which I can't use. Hopefully I can find somewhere to report this so it can get fixed.

Life without javascript
Well it seems I cannot use my preferred browser to add you good folks as friends. I'm not sure if this is something transient or a permanent problem, but I'm currently getting a 500 Internal Server Error if I hit Add. So I apologise in advance. Maybe I'll go use a "real" browser to add you all. Or maybe the LJ folks will get with the program when I report the problem and fix it so I can do it with Lynx. Unfortunately they don't provide much diagnostic info so I don't have much to go on.

So this is what the fuss is about
So I've finally gone and signed up for this Live Journal thing.

I've been thinking on and off for a long time that I should have some kind of blog, and here it finally is. I actually was thinking about the concept of a blog, or what eventually came the blog, before I knew of such things, and certainly before the term was widely known. But there were no easy blog solutions like LJ back then and so the ideal lapsed.

Of course, now that I have one, it remains to be seen just how often I actually make use of the thing. Still, it will probably serve as an outlet for the things I feel an urge to rant about from time to time if nothing else, which is probably good for me and may be entertaining for you.


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