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So this is what the fuss is about
So I've finally gone and signed up for this Live Journal thing.

I've been thinking on and off for a long time that I should have some kind of blog, and here it finally is. I actually was thinking about the concept of a blog, or what eventually came the blog, before I knew of such things, and certainly before the term was widely known. But there were no easy blog solutions like LJ back then and so the ideal lapsed.

Of course, now that I have one, it remains to be seen just how often I actually make use of the thing. Still, it will probably serve as an outlet for the things I feel an urge to rant about from time to time if nothing else, which is probably good for me and may be entertaining for you.

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I'm glad you're here, at least you can read some of my bitchy entries, I apologise in advance.
This is definitely a place to let off steam, that's for sure. There are some truly wonderful writers here on my FList, myself not included.
Welcome to our world.

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